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Septembers Meetup

We had a great night on Tuesday the 11th of September at the first meetup in a long while. We had 15 attendees and managed to chomp through 2 topics, 1 workshop, 10 pizzas and 4 bottles of pop.


The slides for Simon’s talk on ZODB and Dave’s talk on virtualenv can both be found on The Community Python North East Github account.

Next: October’s Meetup

We also had some great ideas for next month’s talks and one volunteer - Kieran. He’s volunteered to talk about Flask as an inroad to python web frameworks. However, we don’t have his contact details so if anyone could connect us, we’d be eternally grateful.

Potential topics for next month are —

  • Python primitives - a community presentation of 3-5 min lightening talks on the primitive data types
  • Games design & development with python
  • Case study of a live django project
  • 1/2 hour workshop on setting up django projects

Getting Involved

If you’ve got an idea for talk that you’d like to see, or even better, one that you’d like to give then post a discussion to the group.

We’re really keen on developing the novices in the group and especially keen on everyone cutting their presenting teeth, so don’t feel like you’re not good enough to give a talk. If you can communicate with the outside world in anyway then you possess the skill to deliver a talk.

You don’t have to do the whole slide thing, if you want to communicate through the power of interpretative dance then that’s cool with us.

This is your group and it’s early days; it isn’t important how you get involved, it’s just important that you do. So follow Python North East, get involved in the discussions, grab a ticket for the next meetup and start getting involved.


Python North East.