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November's Meetup - We're Getting Stronger

Novembers Meetup

We all had a cracking time at the meetup on Tuesday and judging by the tweets, so did everyone else. This was our third formal meetup since the group resureccted itself back in September and I think it’s safe to say that we’re finding our feet and that we’re on track to grow into a really strong community of Python Users in 2013.

So here’s a brief run down of events from Tuesday starting with continuing with our Introduction to Python

Intro To String Formatting

Kieran Darcy ran eloquenty guided the group through everything to do with string formatting from Python 2 & Python 3. It was really helpful to see how we’re all going to adapt from the “old (v2.x)” to the “new (v3.x)”

Intro To Name Spaces

Namespaces are great and Dave Jeffery took some time to []break it all down]2 into byte sized chunks (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun). For future reference don’t do this …

from os import *

Because if you do, you’ll turn Dave into a ’sad panda’.

Show & Tell - Ross Cooney

Ross Cooney was super brave to be the first person to do out first show and tell — especially because it was his first ever python script. Ross had developed a python script that would help him deploy config files and restart daemons to a number of machines on private networks accessible by one gateway machine.

What was really good about this was that members of the group were able to give some stellar feedback that offered increased security and performance boosts.

So we’ll be looking for someone else to do this next month - if you’re up for it, drop a line on our group mailing list or send us a tweet

Building a Web App with Flask

Due to a run over from last Month, Kieran’s talk got postponed until this month - it was worth the wait!

Kieran talked about building a QR image generation web app with Flask and walked through it step by step with clarity.

It was really good to see flask used for something other than a simple API and really good to show the group how such a feat is acheived. Kieran put loads of work into this demo and you can run through the tutorial step by step using the tags on the tutorial git repository.

git checkout step-1 # and then step-2, step-3 etc etc

Other Awesomes

We saw a few new faces at the meetup this month and loads of people from previous months proving that we’re forming into a nice little (for now!) community with a bright future ahead for 2013.

Mick Johnson from insquare media wrote up a really nice blog post about the lack of sandals and beards. Though I should point out that Simon was sporting a fine beard this month.

We were super chuffed that Chris & Chris (Father & Son combo!) made it along. Chris asked if we’d be doing any really basic introduction to python stuff and the short answer is yes, in fact we’re having a meeting in December (the 4th is the current date that’s been penciled in) and it’s one of the top issues that we’re going to tackle so watch this space.

in response to using the wonderful prescon for a few months, Dave has developed the idea further into something that runs in the browser. You can see a demo of it or checkout the source code. Kudos to Sam Lambert for suggesting the Name Pysenter.

Official Meeting

Now that the groups is really coming together we’re going to hold an official meeting at the start of December (provisionally the 4th).

We’ll be working from an agenda that we’re going to put together over the next few weeks and the meeting will be chaired by myself (Jamie Curle) minutes will be taken by Dave Jeffery and everyone is welcome to attend.

Please do bear in mind however that this is not a meetup - The meeting is our first ‘serious’ official meeting so that we can decide a plan of action for the groups future and everything will come from the meeting’s etherpad which anyone is free to contribute to.